Use the right KPIs in HR evaluation in call centers

Almost every respectable company that sells products or services has own call center or uses services of individual call centers.  It is so convenient to pick up receiver and order products or services by phone.  Besides, one should always remember that the quality and performance of call center often directly influences image of the company.  Existing and potential customers often form their judgment by their conversation with call center operators.  So, it is imperative to have well trained personnel working and the call center.

The ultimate goal of HR managers in call centers is recruitment and education of operators.  Most often sales call centers have certain tasks like implementation of sales plans, attraction of new customers, offering new products and services.  Skills and communication etiquette of call center operators play an important role here.

HR department, as any business unit in the company, will certainly have own calls and objectives which have to be integrated into the system of core values, mission and strategic goals of the company.  That’s why, use of Balanced Scorecard system is highly recommended for HR managers who want to improve performance of a call center.  To do that one needs to select the right indicators to be evaluated to track progress of a call center.  Let’s review a couple of indicators that might be helpful for HR managers.

  1. Percentage of employees satisfied with existing bonus system.  Sales call center sells products and services via phone.  Often, call center operators receive bonuses or percentage from each completed sale.  There may be different compensation and bonus system.  For instance, call center operators receive bonuses only if the entire department has implemented specified tasks.  However, this system may be not fair as some operators may do a great job while others just have fun to work.  So, there should be a comprehensive and clear bonus system that encourages call center operators for better performance.  This may be a combination of individual bonuses and percentage from total sales revenue for the entire department.  If an employee is not properly motivated he will not bother much to sell something or offer new products and services to existing and potential customers.  This indicator is measured through surveys and questionnaires.  It is recommended to perform such measurement once a quarter.  It is also important to ask employees about their vision of possible bonus system on ways to enhance performance and increased sales volumes.
  2. Average cost to recruit per position.  Jobs with call centers are often regarded as temporary of part time jobs.  These vacancies are mostly taken by young people who are only beginning their career.  So personnel turnover rate is rather high.  That’s why it is imperative to decrease average cost to recruit per position, as there will be many new hires but call centers.  HR managers should also keep in mind that the company will have to spend money to educate call center operators to deliver existing and potential customers with high quality services and provide them with the complete information on products and services.