Gratifying relationships in 10 steps

Knowing the secrets behind building gratifying relationships is one of the most unique experiences a person can be rewarded with. Family, friends and colleagues cherish such individuals and respect their opinions. I’ve provided 10 easy steps that will guide you thru the process of constructing long lasting relationships that will literally change your life.

1. Appreciate others – To be respected and appreciated by others, you must learn to value their contributions first. Constructing solid relationships, be it in the office or at home requires hard work and persistence. Appreciate the presence of others and they will do the same.

2. Respect different opinions – People love to communicate and share ideas with others. Most times they believe that their opinions are valuable and feel rejected when these are not taken seriously. Respecting different views demonstrates that you have the ability to understand and respect others.

3. Build relationships – Building long lasting relationships is an important task and a rewording experience every person should value. People that invest in relationships benefit from a healthier environment and better working conditions.

4. Reward others – Reward others for any positive contribution they might have had. Make sure they understand that you are rewarding them and showing satisfaction with their contribution. Individuals really appreciate such gestures and feel motivated to participate even more.

5. You don’t have to always win – Many people believe that if they lose an argument this will be perceived as a weakness. Knowing when to step down and acknowledge a defeat is the most honorable trait any person can posses. Most times people will respect that quality and be motivated to contribute to solve any problems in the future.

6. Everything is temporary – In this life everything is temporary and open to change. Relationships are the same and even though a negative impression can be a setback, transforming people’s opinions about you is possible.

7. Money does not buy happiness – Money is very important since it offers comfort and security but one thing it will never provide is happiness. People need friends to be truly happy and should never try replacing them with money.

8. Have fun – Life isn’t just about hard work. Learn to have fun and appreciate all the wonderful things that surround you. Organize fun things to do with friends, go on holiday with family, develop fun relationships with colleagues and most immortally enjoy yourself.

9. Be a true friend – There is a popular saying that goes something along the lines “a true friend is the one that stays thru the hard times”. Be a true friend and stick around when they need you the most.

10. Visit friends – True friends like to keep in touch with each other and one of the best ways to do this is by visiting every so often. People appreciate the attention and feel special since you remembered about them.

Building good healthy relationships with friends and family is an important lesson every person has to learn. With these steps you will be able to transform your life and benefit from the respect and admiration of others.

10 golden rules for self motivation

If you want to learn how to accomplish success, knowing how to stay motivated is very important. Apply these 10 easy steps to your life and witness as the positive changes start to present themselves.

1. Get organized – A true winner needs to know his goals and always plans ahead. This is only possible if every area of your life is organized. Be it the financial, business or personal branch of your life, organization permits for better planning and in return better results.

2. Find your path – One of the most distressing mistakes many people commit at least once in their lives is, desiring to be like someone else. You are a unique individual and so is everyone else, find your path and succeed at something your good at.

3. Be the boss – When talking about being the boss this is meant to be understood in a figurative form. Be the boss of your life and learn to take control over your decisions.

4. Tomorrow things will be better – Tomorrow things will be better, that is a fact. If you didn’t prevail today, tomorrow will be better and success is on its way. It is a known fact that most people give up when success was only a few steps away. Don’t be like them.

5. Save money – People don’t get motivated by spending money, actually it works quite the opposite. When saving money you are in reality building something great that rewords you immediately. Money gives comfort and security which in return will motivate you to work harder.

6. Learn from your mistakes – Although learning from mistakes might seem like something not really important to self motivation, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Failing is normal, everyone fails. What most people don’t know is how to learn from their mistakes and carry on motivated for the second round.

7. Others can help – Most people don’t like to ask for help and end up failing because of their stubbornness. No one knows everything and you will notice that most great men have a few greater men behind them to give advice. Talking to other people about certain problems will help in keeping you motivated and on track.

8. Small victories are important – Don’t be scared to celebrate small victories. Any victory is important since it brings you closer to the ultimate goal. Celebrating and acknowledging these victories gives you strength and much needed motivation.

9. The past isn’t the future – What happen then happen for a reason and that doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to fail. Stay focused in the future and all the wonderful things that it has in store for you.

10. You are special and a winner – This is one of the most important rules you should always remember, so I saved it for last. You are special and a winner, winners are successful. Victory, success and winning are big words that most people fear, you shouldn’t be one of those unfortunate individuals. You are a winner and victory is possible.

It is my hope that these ten simple rules will aid you in the accomplishing o new and exciting goals. Remember that change starts within, you are the only one that can revolutionize the course of your life.