HR KPIs for customer support service

In today’s highly competitive markets it is imperative to evaluate all business aspects.  Even if it seems impossible to measure such things as customer satisfaction or employee efficiency it is still important to do so. Modern business world accepts no excuses.  Of running business without a strategy is a business suicide.  As a rule, businesses consist of various departments which may have different goals, priorities, tasks etc.  If these goals conflict with the company strategy, mission and values it is very difficult to achieve success.  This also concerns human resource management, as an inseparable part of any business strategy.  Intellectual capital is the most valuable asset a company has.  It is important to understand it and use human resources in an efficient and productive way.  Paying employees who do not drive company to success is a waste of money.

When using Balanced Scorecard in HR evaluation for customer support services it is necessary to take into account specific nature and tasks for this department.  The ultimate goal of any customer support service or helpdesk is to answer questions and resolve problems related to products or services offered by the company.  Every company wants to have satisfied customers, and tech support plays an important role as it is located at the front line with customers.  Effective personnel in customer support service needs very little time to resolve problems, answer questions or even offer new products and services to the customer.  As known as satisfied customer usually becomes a regular customer for the company.  So, how to evaluate HR efficiency in a customer support service?  Here are several sample indicators:

  1. Personnel turnover rate.  Many people consider their employment with customer support service as a part time job.  Very often students were young people go to work there.  The ultimate task of HR department is to decrease personnel turnover rate.  Customer support service operators need to possess specific knowledge on the products and services and they can’t get such knowledge outside the company.  So, when there are many new hires it is necessary to educate them which costs money.  Creation of suitable working conditions and introduction of a fair compensation system is likely to decrease personnel turnover rate.  Experienced operators can instruct and coach newcomers right in the work in place, so there is no need in special training sessions and seminars.  For example, a person who has answer questions on HP laptops (for example) knows everything about this brand, most typical Problems and universal solutions.
  2. Average telecommunication costs.  A quality headset and a quality telephone line are must have tools for any tech support operator.  However are, the row ways to decrease average telecommunication costs.  For example, one and done calls decrease total number of calls, so the company spends less.  By decreasing time on hold a call center operate and decreases total communication time which decreases call costs.  Of course, everything should be in moderation, and excessive savings on communication costs may lead to tech problems and poor line.

In evaluation of HR performance at customer support services it is imperative to remember that call center operators directly contact with customers form their judgment based on communication experience.

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