HR Scorecards inside BSC Toolkit for HR

The BSC Toolkit for BSC includes:

  • 15 HR Balanced Scorecards delivered as .BSC and Excel files, balanced scorecards for various areas of HR including KPIs for recruitment, staffing, training, staff development, employees turnover, talent management, motivation, retention;
  • Each scorecard includes 12-16 key performance indicators, in total 232 key performance indicators for HR.
  • Download the evaluation version of the scorecard.

General HR

  • HR Balanced Scorecard [16 key performance indicators]. HR Balanced Scorecard helps to measure and improve performance of HR department.
  • HR Hire Balanced Scorecard [18 key performance indicators]. HR Hire scorecard allows to measure and control performance with scorecard indicators.
  • Training Balanced Scorecard [18 key performance indicators]. One can make use of BSC i.e. Balanced Scorecard to align the training sessions more usefully.
  • Retirement Scorecard [16 key performance indicators]. KPIs in Retirement process takes into consideration both financial and non-financial measures to make sure that the overall process is initiated with ease.


  • HR Outsourcing scorecard [15 key performance indicators]. Implementing a metrics program on both ends of the outsourcing process is crucial because outsourcing has a relatively high error rate during its early years..
  • Leadership scorecard [17 key performance indicators].In leadership KPIs can be categorized under People Initiatives, Collaboration Initiatives, Broad Organizational Initiatives and Professional Success Indicators.
  • Motivation scorecard [17 key performance indicators]. KPIs in Motivation are as important as in any other organizational aspect and can be seen from four perspective- Growth and Development, Compensation, Non-Monetary Compensation and Intrinsic Factors.
The full version includes scorecards in a native format of BSC Designer and BSC Designer Light to open these files.
The full version includes scorecards in a native format of BSC Designer and BSC Designer Light to open these files.


  • Time management scorecard [14 key performance indicators].Time management skills helps a person identify and focus on the activities that provide the greatest returns. Investing in these activities will not only save personal time, but will help a person work smarter, not harder..
  • Work Productivity Scorecard [13 key performance indicators].The goal of your company’s staff should be a singular product that everyone can work towards on an equal basis, in order to efficiently, and productively manage internal affairs so that the best possible outcome is consistently achieved.

Talent Management

  • Innovations Scorecard [11 key performance indicators].Measure and improve performance with Innovations indicators and metrics


  • Certification Scorecard [16 key performance indicators].With the help of financial and non-financial measures such as KPIs, the organizations are able to identify the key success factors to develop a potential edge over others in the industry.
  • Education scorecard [14 key performance indicators].Quantitative indicators can be used as a foundation for evidence-based policy in education. This requires the careful use of statistical methods and a set of designed comparisons.
  • Training and Development Scorecard [15 key performance indicators]. Measure and improve performance with HR Training indicators and metrics.


  • Awards Scorecard [16 key performance indicators]. Assessing the performance of employees in a right manner requires an appropriate framework which helps to assess the performance from various aspects.


  • HR costing and accounting scorecard [16 key performance indicators]. Proper monitoring of expenditures incurred and investments made in one of the valuable assets of the organization, i.e. human resources, and its outcomes is very essential from organization’s viewpoint as well as from the customer’s perspective.
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