Effective Methods for Non-financial Employees Motivation

There are indeed methods for non-financial employees motivation that companies can implement. This way, your employees become driven to perform better at their given job tasks and responsibilities.

For employees to perform at their very best, there would then come a need for companies to have them properly motivated. This way, the employees can then perform better and be more productive in the process. But when it comes to motivation, people often think that the only way to motivate employees is through financial rewards and means. This is not true at all. In fact, there are many effective methods for non-financial employees motivation.

The first effective method pertains to job enrichment. It is quite common for employees to find their jobs and the tasks that come with them tedious over time. An editor who has been working for a newspaper company for 15 years just might find editing news articles a bit boring already. And when this happens, the editor might not find his job appealing or interesting anymore. This is something you should definitely avoid because this can demoralize the performance of your editor. Pretty soon, your editor will be giving you edited articles that are in need of your attention simply because they are not edited well at all.

You should then set a work environment that promotes interesting and challenging tasks. This way, you give your workers opportunities to test their own skills. This, in turn, gives them the chance to use the full range of their skills and abilities. Job enrichment is actually better than job rotation. When you do job rotation, the given tasks are just rotated amongst your employees. Whereas with job enrichment, new sets of tasks are not given to the employees at all. Rather, more complicated tasks are given to the employees. This makes the employees motivated to do better because they feel that they have proven themselves worthy of being assigned more challenging and complex tasks. However, you do have to be careful when you are considering implementing job enrichment. You have to judge very carefully what sort of tasks a certain employee can handle. You would not want to assign your employees complicated tasks that they cannot handle now, would you?

Fostering teamwork is also an effective method to motivate employees in a non-financial way. People are inherent social beings. When you organize activities and events that foster teamwork, you actually give your employees the perfect chance to socialize and make new friends. The employees from the advertising department just might not know a lot of people from the information technology department. By organizing such events, you allow your employees to build camaraderie with their colleagues. And we all know how friendship and camaraderie can make any workplace fun. This, in turn, can motivate your employees to perform better.

Lastly, empowerment is also another aspect you can consider. This pretty much is similar to delegation. You actually give your employees the power or the authority to make certain decisions that affect their work load. Now, you also have to be extra careful on just how much power and authority to give to your employees. They might end up making wrong decisions that are costly for the company as a whole. But if your employees are indeed trustworthy of such delegation, then this would also greatly motivate them to perform better.

These are just some of the methods for non-financial employees motivation. Other methods include fringe benefits, training, and even seminars.

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