Design HR scorecard with time points

Are you in HR business? I’m sure you know the importance of “measuring and controlling”, but if you will just have some indicators then it will be not enough, because your business is always changing and indicators that were important yesterday will be not so important in the future.

AKS-Labs, author of Balanced Scorecard Designer, have just released a new version of this software. The main benefit of new version is that time-points are supported.

Time points

With time-points user can specify the performance values for today and for any future time points, more over user can change the relative importance of indicators as well as measurement scale. This is a great way to control the important of indicators and have a control over changes in HR department.

For any date user can generate an Excel report and share it with co-workers or use for future research. Also, the great feature in new version is that user can specify its own details for measurement units.

Custom Measure units for HR

So, if you are in HR business, you can now use any measurement units, for instance, $/employee.

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