Top 10 Personnel Appraisal Ideas

Employees appraisal guideAny business owner can be asked these questions:
  • Are your employees performing ok?
  • How many employees may require improvement of skills?
  • Which employees are the best and what individuals lag behind?

Answers to these questions can be obtained only through personnel appraisal. At the same time, it might be problematic to choose the most effective method. Moreover, certain personnel appraisal systems are not easy to implement. The bad comes to worst when evaluation results are distorted. This will certainly create an atmosphere of distrust and envy in any company (it is not a secret that the majority of bonus compensation plans are based on results of personnel evaluation).

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Evaluation may become a nightmare, once employees sense unfair practices and approaches. For example, when rating employees from worst to best it often becomes impossible to fairly rank employees in the middle of the ranking. Another example includes evaluation of personnel based on completion of seemingly identical tasks which however differ in complexity, in fact. A combination of several methods may create even more problems, so HR managers must be really cautious.

This article focuses on top 10 personnel evaluation methods currently used in various industries. Each method has its peculiar features, advantages and disadvantages, problems with implementation etc. Short summaries include most important details and teasers that may offer food for thought for HR managers and team leaders.

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