Some Effective HR Manager Tips

If you are a human resources manager, you should always make sure you are doing your job more effectively. There are several tips that would help you realize your goals.

Managing a human resource unit is never an easy task. If you are into HR management, you should be aware that the key to employing the right people for a company as well as retaining the useful and reliable personnel also relies on your ability to manage human resources well. The tediousness and the complexity of the tasks of each human resource managers make such professionals among the most sought after in the global job market scene.

To be an effective HR manager, you should focus more into hiring the best and most promising potential employees for the company. It is a common knowledge that there is a current shortage of skilled and highly knowledgeable workers. When aiming to hire the best candidates there are for some job vacancies, it would be imperative if you focus on two job-hiring activities, namely, short-listing and interviewing candidates.

As an HR manager, you could make the short-listing activity easier if you would learn the necessary skills on how you could read between the lines in every application form. Looking at and evaluating resume and curriculum vitae of a job applicant may seem easy but in truth, it is never as easy as people would think. Here are some practical tips for the HR manager for him or her to better assess an applicant based on preliminary data from the application form.

* Application forms that are filled with spaces should be suspicious enough. As a manager, you should bear in mind that blank spaces in application forms could initially indicate that the applicant is hiding something from the company. And that is an unlikely factor for a potential future employee.
* Do a little research about the former companies of the applicant. By doing so, you could have a quick hint of what kind of employee the applicant is. If he or she is coming from a very reputable multinational firm that is known for paying high salaries, then, the applicant must have done something or wrong, or might not have done enough to please the former employer.
* Application forms with character references are reliable and are eliminating instant suspicions. Those forms without references are arousing speculations like the applicant must have done wrong deeds that led him or her to burn bridges with the former employer.

When conducting a job interview with the job applicant, it would be better if you would follow the following guidelines.

* Conduct a series of job interviews with each short-listed applicants. Usually, the first short listed interview is about basic job qualifications, while the second job interview is about behavioral characteristics and reference citations.
* When running an interview, there should be a standard script adopted especially in the preliminary stage of such an interview. In the middle of the interview, find out how the subject is carrying himself or herself in terns of such occasions.
* When asking questions, strive to ask open-ended questions. Such interrogative statements are often troublesome and insignificant, but are known to extract the truth from their interviewer. Open-ended questions call for more details and answers.

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