Performance Appraisal Package

Creating performance appraisal documents can be a hassle for any organization.

Formal review of all organization’s staff on a regular basis provides crucial feedback and helps increase employee productivity. Performance Appraisal Package helps companies keep written records of its employees’ performance, set goals and objectives, and gather important information required for creating compensation plans. Even if your company already implements informal employee appraisals, you should consider starting a new program to capture all important data in writing.

Developing employee performance plan is a time-consuming and costly process. Special web-based software solutions are expensive (some cost thousands of dollars) and require special learning. On the other hand, Performance Appraisal Package provides a lot of options for selecting employee performance evaluation form that is relevant for your organization. It is fully compatible with all popular word processors, which allows you to easily customize and print the necessary form data.

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Performance Appraisal process varies from organization to organization, therefore Performance Appraisal Package provides 10 different sets, including forms for comprehensive performance assessment, project reviews and self-evaluations by employees. The forms can be modified individually or combined into company-specific documents.

Performance Appraisal Form

Performance Appraisal Package includes the following sets: General Performance Appraisal Form I-III, used for the evaluation of various objectives and attributes; 360-Degree Performance Appraisal Form I-II, for the evaluation of peers, outside suppliers and customers, as well as “upwards” feedback about managers; Manager Performance Appraisal Form, for the assessment of managerial skills, and listing future objectives; Administrative/Technical Performance Appraisal Form, for the evaluation of administrative, technical and customer service workers; Sales Performance Appraisal Form, focused on sales personnel; Project Evaluation Review Form, used for specific project management; and Employee Self-Assessment Form, allowing employees to identify accomplishments and areas for improvement.

All Performance Appraisal Forms buyers will receive a special bonus – two guides for developing an efficient performance appraisals plan: Guide to Writing Performance Appraisals and Book of Performance Appraisal Phrases.

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