On HR measurment in IT business area

And the modern business human resource management has become very popular.  If previously human resource management was considered to be effective only in areas and business feels were human factor played an important role, nowadays personnel of a company is considered to be the supreme value, even at industrial enterprises with fully automated production process.  It was not until the recent economic crisis that most companies came to understand that only their employees can drive their businesses to success.  No investments and no production facilities will help overcome crisis if the company does not possess highly qualified, competent, adequate and loyal personnel.

Human resource management is an inseparable part of any management system.  It is also a part of a company strategy.  It is not a secret that if a business has no strategy is doomed to fail as markets are buried changeable these days and companies fight to win customer loyalty.  That’s why, it is very important that human resource goals and objectives comply with the company strategy in general.  Every business should have its mission, values and goals, and if human resource department conflicts with the mission, values and goals the company will face serious problems.

The recent decade saw a sharp increase in popularity of IT business.  With the development of the Internet and IT technologies most businesses understood that web presence and IT support are those success factors which will help company gain competitive advantage.  At the same time, every IT company needs to understand that software is created by people, web servers are maintained by people, customers are supported by people.  So, importance of HR management in IT business area cannot be over appreciated.

In evaluation of HR performance in the sphere of IT technologies, the following indicators may be used:

  1. Average equipment cost per employee.  IT specialists usually use rather expensive equipment and devices.  For example, webhosting uses powerful servers, special cooling and network equipment.  Of course, it is not reasonable to save too much on this equipment.  At the same time, it is imperative to keep these costs at a reasonable level.  That’s why HR department together with tech support should measure how much company spends to provide one employee with all equipment he needs.  In such evaluation it is recommended to ask employees themselves about their needs and requirements.  Savings costs are to be better used for bonuses and compensation for high performing employees.  This indicator will help optimize work and save some money which can be used for other purposes.
  2. Cost of office space per employee.  Nowadays, many IT specialists work remotely, but still, millions of them work in offices.  As any office clerk, and IT specialist needs office space and workplace equipped with everything he needs.  It is important to provide an employee with everything he needs in his work, and at the same time try to optimize cost of office space per employee (for example use daylight, share power systems etc).

In evaluation of HR performance in IT business area it is important to remember that specialists in information technologies should be provided with perfect working conditions and equipment, if the company wants them to create quality products.

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