Measuring the Performance of HR Department

For a company to be successful in its operations, the performance of its HR department should also be monitored. There are aspects to remember in measuring such performance.

In any company, regardless of the industry you belong in, there are actually a lot of departments in existence. This is because there are many responsibilities and functions entailed in running a business, so you can never do without a little bureaucracy these days. And the performance, as well as the productivity, of each and every department is constantly monitored. This is to ensure the overall success of the company. When it comes to performance and productivity, it is actually the HR department that is responsible for assessing these. But even the HR department is not exempted from being monitored. This is because the performance of the HR department is also assessed.

A lot of people may think that the HR department is not one of the major departments in any company. But this is quite the opposite of what’s true, you know. The HR department primarily focuses on hiring the very people that would make up the workforce of the company. If this department is not productive or not performing up to par, then the mere act of hiring and recruiting will be questionable for any company. Thus, the HR department is indeed vital in the overall performance of the company.

There are certain aspects to keep in mind in measuring the performance of HR departments. These aspects are also known as indicators. One of these is workforce productivity. Now, it is very important to note here that how companies view workforce productivity can be different from one another. This is inevitable because companies have different visions, operations, and goals, to begin with. But when your employees are very productive, then your HR department is indeed performing well in this aspect.

Another aspect that you should bear in mind is employee engagement. This actually refers to the professional relationships your employees have amongst themselves, as well as with the different levels of management. If the score for this aspect is high, then this is a strong indicator that your employees do hold their jobs as very important. Employee satisfaction is the key concept here. For an employee to perform well at his job, he should be satisfied with everything his job entails. To determine the level of satisfaction of your employees, you can actually conduct surveys and interviews. These are the perfect avenues for your employees to share whatever thoughts they have.

Recruitment is an important thing to consider as well. To monitor this, you have to check out the performance appraisal scores of the employees that have been hired. It would be so much better if you see that a lot of your employees have been promoted to higher positions at a reasonable timeframe. This way, you are sure that your HR department is recruiting the right people for the job.

Employee retention is the last aspect to appraise. You should determine the turnover rate that your company experiences on the average. It cannot be helped because there are always better opportunities in the world of business and trade. But if your company’s turnover rate is low, this means that the employees hired are dedicated to their jobs and to the company itself. Low turnover rates actually mean that the HR department is performing satisfactorily.

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