HR Scorecard

HR Metrics will help to measure HR performance

HR Scorecard was designed as a general metric framework for estimation of any HR-related issues. This set of metrics will provide common ideas about what indicators might be used to measure human resource performance. The four groups of metrics include “Employee turnover”, “Recruiting”, “Retention”, “Training and Development” groups. Each group has some basic metrics, which can be extended with more details.

HR Scorecard Metrics

The “Employee Turnover” group includes financial indicators associated with HR: “Cost per Hire”, “Turnover Cost”, as well as metrics which helps to basically estimate the HR process: “Turnover Rate”, “Time to Fill”, “Length of Employment”. Metrics for recruiting framework are “Vacant Period”, “New Hires Performance Appraisal”, “Turnover Rates of New Hires”.

Please, download and try trial version of HR Scorecard before placing order.

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