HR evaluation in news/mass media business

We are living in the age of information.  With the development of the Internet, online sources of information somewhat ousted printed media.  Every day we see people in public transport reading use from their cell phones and netbooks.  However, it is possible to see people who prefer the smell of fresh morning newspaper.  Anyway, with the development of communication means and the Internet Technologies exchange of information has become very easy.  So, if something happened that one part of the world is becomes top new use on the other part of the earth within several seconds.

As any business, news and mass media business requires proper human resource management.  Newspapers and magazines want to have the best reporters and newsmakers.  This business area is characterized by the fact that there are many freelance journalists who work for several companies and sell their footage and reports.  Most of them are working remotely as special reporters.  There is a common myth that human resource management is only effective with office based employees.  Nothing of the kind!  Remote employees also have their requirements, demands, as well as the company have certain requirements to freelancers.  Naturally, the mass media company wants to have the best news coverage from its freelance reporters. This is where human resource department comes into play.

In evaluation of HR performance in the news and mass media business use of balanced scorecard is highly recommended, as this tool makes it possible to integrate the chart goals, measures and objectives into the general system of company strategic goals, mission and values.  As known, balanced scorecard measures company performance through evaluation of key performance indicators.  In mass media and news business the following key performance indicators can be used in HR evaluation:

  1. Managers satisfaction with teleworking.  As a rule, news and mass media companies have managers who are in charge of working with freelancers and remote employees.  It should be mentioned that it’s not an easy job to deal with people who are located at another part of the planet.  It is impossible to avoid all problems and misunderstandings that can occur in work.  That’s why measurement of manager satisfaction with teleworking will indicate efficiency of remote work, and attitudes of both managers and freelancers of to the company.  This indicator is calculated as ratio of all managers in charge of teleworking to number of satisfied managers.  It would be reasonable to measure this indicator once a quarter.
  2. Average estimated savings cost of employees that are teleworking.  Naturally, freelancers save money since they do not have to commute to work, have regular lunches of his cafeteria etc.  The more employee can save the more he is satisfied with the work.  This, in eastern, improves employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company which usually leads to higher performance.
  3. Average travel costs per employee.  As a rule, report as travel a lot.  That’s why it is imperative to monitor travel costs and keep them at a reasonable level.  In such a way it is possible to save costs and use them for other purposes.
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