FastStart™ Human Resources Pack

The FastStart™ Human Resources Pack targets the most common HR activities and helps you efficiently manage various HR tasks.

The FastStart™ Human Resources Pack is designed to help you organize your workforce more efficiently. It includes ten MS Excel-based spreadsheet solutions for a better control over human resource activities. These solutions help you get quick access to the necessary HR information and manage your staff more professionally.


For instance, the Employee Information Form is designed to track and record all the vital information on the company’s employees. The Employment Application and Interview Form are crucial for hiring new staff as well as keeping track of the company’s potential employees. The Employee Performance Appraisal spreadsheet helps HR department to monitor the effectiveness of the current staff. The Vacation Request Form is important for creating up-to-date work schedules, while the Absence Report allows you to analyze the frequency of absence of each of your employees. Finally, the I-9 Form is set to keep records of citizenship status of new employees, which is important in today’s increasingly international working environment.

In addition to the FastStart™ Human Resources Pack, the developer provides a wide range of template solutions for various business tasks. For instance, companies who need more profound approach to managing day-to-day activities may use database-driven products such as FastData or SuperForms.

The Human Resource Pack contains the following templates:

– Employment Application

– Absence Report

– Employee Disciplinary Card

– Career Data Card

– Employee Warning Form

– Employee Performance Appraisal

– Injury Claim Form

– Interview Form

– Harassment Interview Form

– Vacation Request Form

  • You can purchase the FastStart™ Human Resources Pack here for $29.95.

The product requires MS Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT and MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003.

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