Employee Scheduler

Employee Scheduler is designed for small businesses and can be used for effective employee management.

HR managers responsible for scheduling employees understand just how complex and tedious this process can be. Scheduling too many hours leads to a decrease in the profit margin. On the other hand, scheduling insufficient hours has a negative effect on the customers.

A simple and efficient solution for scheduling employees, Employee Scheduler for Microsoft Excel, helps HR managers organize hourly employees and keep track of the company’s labor costs as a percentage of sales. Employee Scheduler is an easy to use template that can be tailored for a particular business. The main benefits of this solution are:

  • Producing weekly schedules for employees (plus the ability to schedule past midnight)
  • Estimating employee wages on an hourly basis
  • Calculating how many working hours should be scheduled, based upon the company’s profit targets


For most small businesses, managing labor costs is key to survival. Employee Scheduler is a very simple and easy way of controlling the company’s labor costs on the weekly employee schedule. It is completely customizable and is based on MS Excel or OpenOffice.

This spreadsheet solution is perfect for business owners and HR managers who have simple needs and who want an inexpensive tool to help them create schedules.

Another affordable solution, Employee Shift Scheduler, provides simple templates for configuring working shifts and assigning them to a specific employee.

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